Open Access Statement


WiPiEC Journal is an open access journal.

Starting with april 2023 (publishing year 2023) it flipped to a fully open access model,* with all prior articles being made online and having been converted to open access form as well, in accordance with the open license.

Thus - all past and future WiPiEC publications are and will be in open access!

What does it mean for something to be in open access?

  • It means that the copyright holder of a scholarly work (the author) grants usage rights to others using an open license (In case of WiPiEC - it's  Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (CC BY NC)).
  • This means that all content published by this journal is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles, crawl them for indexing, pass them as data to software, or use them for any other lawful purpose without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author, as long as the original author is appropriately attributed and such usage is not commercially motivated and oriented. This definition is in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (CC BY NC).
  • WiPiEC's definition of Open Access is based on and must be interpreted in line with the DOAJ's standards for open access.
  • For more info on ownership, crediting and privacy rules, visit this page.


*Initially, in the period of 2015-2022, WiPiEC Journal was running as a closed journal which was being distributed to the members of the MECO Consortium and participants of the MECO&CPSIoT Conferences.